Today was our best day at the beach!  We spent the whole day with the families fishing and boogie boarding in the clearest most beautiful emerald waters you can imagine at Cape San Blas.


We ended the day with “Red, White, and Blue Skies Night”  It was what you would expect on a big 4th of July party, but we also did a parade with the local police and firefighters, who gave”Courageous Heroes” medals to all the cancer survivors and their siblings, it was a beautiful way to honor their fight together.

As our week at Blue Skies comes to a close, I think we would all agree that we have developed a special bond.  A bond that has connected the host families and the guest families. And After the red white and blue celebration tonight we might even agree we’re feeling somewhat like a big family….how cool is that? Maybe it was the fried chicken Or the awards for the  siblings and the cancer patients ? Maybe it was The humor we found  in running across the courtyard four times during the parade to act as A stand in crowd. Whatever it was there was something very special about tonight. I’m pretty Sure it is a memory most of us will not forget.

Heres A little something from Kerregan Graves:

Well not only was today amazing this whole week was amazing. I have learned so much from these kiddos at blue skies . I love to see the smile on their faces not even worrying about cancer .This week has been full of activity’s ! Seeing the kids enjoying chapel is also really amazing . Pastor Brent has done a fantastic job at leading chapel .I have made new friends , got new nicknames , Seen everything in a different perspective. I have seen what god has done for these kids . Over the week kids open up and let loose ! Thiago, Blair , and Hannah Make our pool days fun .Lee will bring out the water guns and than the pool can’t get better than that .Its so cool making new friends coming in to this mission trip i kinda  new a few people but now i feel like we are all family . We have got to go watch the sun set a few times as a Blue Skies family. But down here in Port Snt Joe  where doing just fine !!!