Bolivia Trip Update #2

By September 6, 2018 Bolivia, Mission Trips
Sunday we had a wonderful worship service at the Learning Center property led by Toni’s father, Wes.
Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, the women traveled around serving our Lord through VBS, worship & prayer, touching many hearts as they went. The men, meanwhile, joined our Bolivian brothers working on the Pastor’s home and the property.
Thursday, we started our bittersweet goodbyes as we left Chochis for the last time this trip.  After a brief fellowship and lunch in San Jose, we will be headed to Santa Cruz.
We have been richly blessed with health, safety, and productivity thus far….not to mention the beautiful weather!
It has been an amazing experience to, once again, join our Bolivian mission team and to love, pray, laugh, worship and fellowship without borders!
God is so good and gracious!…looking forward to returning to Sanctuary as we grow in Him.
Love In Him…
Because He Lives and Loves…
Scott Luce
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