Exodus-OfferingIf God is prompting your heart to give to the Exodus Offering please feel free to give online, or during one of our Sunday gatherings.  Please note “Exodus Offering” on your gift.


For information about giving stock or other types of gifts toward the Exodus Offering, please contact us.

To read a letter from our pastor about our Exodus Offering click here!

A New Chapter

The Author and Perfecter of our Faith is writing an amazing story! It’s a story that is so unique that it’s hard to believe! That’s when you know God is at work. This is a story that goes way beyond human intelligence or business acumen. This is God on display.

In His Sovereignty, God aligned two very different churches to reach the neighborhood and the nations. God took an Independent Baptist Church steeped in tradition, a church that only uses the “King James Version” and “Sings Old Hymns” and intersected it with a new church that needed a home base to plant, water, and grow an emerging Body of believers. A new church with no experience, no “five-year plan”, and no denominational affiliation. A new church that simply desired to “live and love like Jesus” and actually choose to worship in the round. These two churches couldn’t be more different. But God is writing His story.

God gently led these two very different churches together to carry out the Great Commission of our Master. Each church blesses the other in mutual submission and interdependence, while holding fast to the unique expression God has given it to worship Him. In the craziest “lease to own” purchase of all time, Western Hills Baptist Church has agreed to give Sanctuary the title to the campus after receiving only a down payment and a commitment that Sanctuary would “Love our neighbor as yourself.” Crazy!

Your story is a part of God’s story. You get to be a part of something much bigger, a story much grander, and a story that is sealed by One whose “Word will never pass away.” You get to play a part. You get to contribute to this story. You can participate by praying, by serving, by sharing, and by giving. You can contribute by giving God the right to author your story. Could there be anything greater?

Over these last few weeks and months, we’ve stood back and watched God work. We’ve stepped in and joined God at work, and we’ve celebrated how God takes what we have, blesses it, and multiples it to share His Presence with the neighborhood and the nations. We are not sure what the next page of the story will say; we are just committed to following God where He writes and leads! Join us in this new chapter!

Exodus Offering


What does Sanctuary actually own?
Sanctuary owns the building and the almost 10 acres of land on the corner of Mars Hill and Due West Road.

How much did it cost?
We’ve agreed to pay WHBC $2.4 million dollars for the campus. We’ve given $303,000 as a down payment, and an agreement to pay $108,000 a year until we pay off the balance. There are no banks, no interest, and no points. Think of this as a “lease to own” purchase, except we already own the building.

Why are we only trying to raise $1.8 million?
We desire to set aside $1.2 million (this represents the present value of the $2.1 million over 20 years) to self-fund the obligation to WHBC. We have also budgeted $600,000 for infrastructure needs around the facility.

Isn’t this a lot of money?
Yes, this is a huge amount of money for a church less than 4 years old. $1.8 million is equal to our annual offering budget and we realize this is a goal that will require God to provide in a way only He can provide.

What is the Exodus Offering?
In Exodus 25, God instructs Moses to call the Israelites “whose hearts have been prompted to give” to bring an offering that will build a sanctuary for Him. God takes what the Israelites bring, blesses it, and dwells with them. We are following the call in Exodus 25. You can give online today, or during one of our Sunday gatherings. Please note “Exodus Offering” on your gift.

How can I stay in step with the finances of Sanctuary?
As always, we will continue to post monthly updates of our finances here.

How can I give toward the Exodus Offering?
Donations can be mailed to Sanctuary (700 Mars Hill Road, Kennesaw, GA 30152), brought to one of our Sunday gatherings, or made online.  For information about giving stock or other types of gifts toward the Exodus Offering, please contact us.