all middle + high school students welcome!

FUEL 2020


This fall, Sanctuary Youth is hosting Fuel on September 18-19. What’s Fuel? Fuel is an opportunity to connect with other students in Sanctuary Youth, and really get to know your small group as we begin a new school year! This weekend will be a time to “fuel up” for the year ahead! Even if you’ve never been a part of Sanctuary Youth in the past, we hope you will join us for this weekend as we make new friends, strengthen old friendships, and have so much fun together!  If you have any questions about Fuel please contact Troy Gambrell or Emily Hardie.


Where: Sanctuary – 700 Mars Hill Road, Kennesaw, GA 30152

When: Friday, September 18th – Sunday, September 19th

$40 Now – September 14

Registration closes September 14

Discounts & Scholarships:
Our sibling discount is 25% off each child after the first, and will be automatically applied to your payment. A limited number of scholarships are available for Fuel. To apply for a scholarship, go here. For further information, please email Emily Hardie.


What safety precautions is Sanctuary Youth taking? We will be have temperature checkpoints at check in before each session begins. Masks are not required, but are encouraged. During teaching and worship, students will be seated with space between the next person and themselves. Because small groups are groups smaller than 50 people, social distancing is not required, but will still be encouraged. Rooms and surfaces will be sanitized regularly and hand sanitizer will be readily available. Please communicate these expectations to your students.

Is there anything I still need to turn in? Sanctuary medical release forms MUST be completed along with registration.

Are cell phones allowed? We generally do not allow cell phones at Sanctuary Youth retreats, but because students will be going home between sessions, we are making an exception for this weekend. If we see cell phones as a distraction during worship, teaching, or small group times, we will ask students to put them away.

What is the schedule like? Our schedule for the weekend can be found below.

Do I need to eat before I come on Friday or Saturday night? Yes. Dinner is NOT provided on Friday night or Saturday night.

What do I need to bring? Just a Bible & a pen! No other items will be needed.

Tentative Schedule

Friday Night
6:30pm – Check-In
7:00pm – Games
7:30pm – Worship & Teaching
8:45pm – Small Group Time
9:30pm – Parents Pick up from Sanctuary
Saturday Morning
9:30am – Check-In & Quiet Time
10:15am – Welcome & Worship
11:00am – Breakouts
11:45am  – Lunch (Chickfila sandwich, Chips & Bottled Water)
12:30pm – Small Groups & Games
2:00pm – Parents Pick Up

Saturday Night
6:30pm – Check-In
7:00pm – Worship & Teaching
8:45pm – Small Group Time
9:30pm – Parents Pick up from Sanctuary


Troy Gambrell
Emily Hardie