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Part of our mission at Sanctuary is to be an authentic body of Christ followers, and we believe in order to do that finding a small group of people to share your journey with is key.  Our desire is for everyone who calls Sanctuary home to be a part of this kind of authentic community.  Whether you are an adult, young adult, college, youth, or child, being connected with others in our Faith Family is essential to growing in Jesus and His ways.

Recognizing that taking steps in finding this kind of community is not always easy, we invite you to pray with us!  Pray that God would place you in just the right group of people at just the right time, that He would prepare your heart and mind to give and receive in this new group, and that Sanctuary would be a place that you and your family can find the true authentic community that God desires for us all.

Here are just a few of the avenues we have available to connect into Authentic Community at Sanctuary:



Life Groups



Sunday Morning Class

College/20 Somethings

Adult Singles