Sanctuary kids appreciates the volunteers in our Faith Family.  You are pointing kids toward Jesus by investing in their lives.  Our desire is for this webpage be a tool for your ministry in Sanctuary kids.  Please scroll down for weekly update, devotion, curriculum, leader contacts, resources, vision, and upcoming events!


Elementary LG Teacher(s): Andrea Cheetham/Jeff Perry

Preschool LG Teacher(s): Ginny Young/Nancy Patton

9:15 CoachLori Hibbard

11:00 CoachJay Patton

Team A-  1/14 & 1/28

Team B-  1/7 & 1/21

Weekly Devotion/ Equipping

I hope you had a chance to either watch, listen, or attend Sunday’s gathering.  Craig taught from John 8 and 1 John 2: 1-2.  The adulteress woman had many accusers, but only one advocate, Jesus.  Because of grace, Jesus is also our advocate.  He loves us and continues to light our paths.  Craig challenged our Faith Family to be a body of advocates, not accusers.  This challenge struck me.  How am I advocating for you as a disciple maker in Sanctuary Kids?  How are you advocating for your few in your group?  How am I advocating for those in my circle?  How are you advocating for your families? The beauty of this challenge is that we are not in this alone.  Jesus is guiding our hearts in how we can advocate for others.  I encourage you to spend some time at the feet of Jesus this week, and seek His will in how He is leading you to be an advocate.

Upcoming Sanctuary Events

Jan. 10

Midweek Resumes

We believe that when children learn who God really is and embrace biblical truths in their hearts, the stage will be set for Him to work in them for the rest of their lives. Our hope is that our ministry to God’s kids will help shape God-centered children who know and respond to Jesus Christ, ultimately growing into global servants in a way that glorifies Him and builds His kingdom. We value prayer by name from the youngest to the oldest, and we value teaching that emphasizes who God is rather than how to be a “good person.”