Sanctuary is partnered with Kids Hope USA, a nationally recognized mentoring program, to make a difference at Hayes Elementary School, located in Kennesaw, GA.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to minister beyond the walls of Sanctuary to the children and their families that live just down the road from us in our local community.

How do I get involved? You have the unique opportunity to serve as a (1) mentor, (2) substitute mentor, or (3) prayer partner at Hayes.

What does a mentor or substitute mentor do?  Spends one hour per week with one child at Hayes Elementary, helping the child grow academically, relationally, and socially for the school year.  Substitutes fill in when a mentor is unavailable.

What does a prayer partner do? Faithfully prays for the mentor and child during the school year.

I’m note sure this is for me – I’m not a teacher, don’t have a background in education, etc. Guess what?  No experience is required in any of the positions; we will train and equip you with the tools you need to be a success.

Want to join the team? If so, click HERE to download the Kids Hope volunteer application!

Might want to join the team, but have questions?  Please contact Kate McKinney

Want to check out Kids Hope USA?  Please see