Family Dedication

Sanctuary’s prayer is to partner with you on your parenting journey to encourage you, equip you, and affirm what will be already teaching your children at home. You, as the parents, are the ones responsible for raising your children, but God never intended for you to do it alone. We hope to be a resource in the years to come and a reminder of what God has called you to do as parents.

Over the years you will make many impressions on your children and we hope a lasting impression will be your love for Jesus and desire to live a life that honors Him! May all other impressions point to the single most important thing in your life. May your life be filled with a desire to follow Jesus so that it is impossible for your kids to know you and not know Jesus!

Impressions Class

Impressions is a class specifically designed to encourage and equip parents who desire to raise their children God’s way. As you have undoubtedly found already, parenting is amazing, but it is also really hard. It is amazing how much we can learn about our heavenly father’s heart for us, his children, as we raise the children that He has entrusted to us.

Upcoming Dates

2018 Impressions class—February 25, October 21

2017 Family Dedication—March 11, November 4

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