Sanctuary is committed to proclaiming the gospel in our homes, our neighborhoods, and around the world.  Jesus gave us a very clear picture of this in His Great Commission found in Matthew 28, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  We believe this mission is a natural fruit of the transformation process, not a duty, but rather a desire to love others as God has loved us.  We believe Local and Global Outreach opportunities at Sanctuary serve as a way for us to grow as a disciple and make disciples all at the same time.

Global Outreach Partners

The following is more information on our Global Outreach Partners here at Sanctuary and how you can get involved!


Mercado family

Drs. Placido and Tony Mercado

RAPHA Bolivia Ministries is reaching and discipling the indigenous Ayore people, in addition to other tribal and rural people groups of Bolivia, South America. Rapha is a name of God, and Jehovah Rapha means “The Lord who Heals”. Led by Drs. Placido & Toni Mercado, RAPHA’s desire is to raise up national leaders to take the Gospel to the surrounding communities by teaching biblical discipleship, holistic health and wellness, and general care for those in need.

Their vision is to build a discipleship training center for pastors and leaders, provide care for the local communities, and teach and equip the community through micro-finance business projects.

Prayer: Pray that God’s Word and Truth would prevail and bring freedom to a people whose government suppresses it. Also pray for protection of the ministry leaders and their families, as they live with the threat of constant persecution.

Engage: Prayerfully consider partnering with this ministry by giving ongoing support to the missionaries, and helping to bring awareness to their micro-finance products. In addition, consider joining us on a mission trip to partner with RAPHA in ministries like children’s VBS, construction, medical clinics, Bible training, outreach, prayer walks, and general care to those in need.

Contact: Mary Tillberry / mary@sanctuaryinhim.org



Pastor Sihok

Sanctuary has four different partnerships in Cambodia. These relationships started through Dr. Jack Baskin of Western Hills Baptist Church. Sanctuary is honored to be able to continue his work with these partners:

• Dr. Felipe Castro and his family head up Solid Rock Academy, an orphanage and school in Kampong Thom. This ministry also provides feeding centers where local children can hear the Gospel and receive a hot meal twice a week. In addition, they host medical missions throughout the year where young doctors from around the world join him in providing care for the indigent. Before this care is received, the Gospel is shared with each recipient. He recently built and opened a new hospital in 2014, easing the 3-hour travel time to the nearest facility.

• Dr. Leo Tago and his family run Hailey’s House of Hope in Phnom Penh, a school and orphanage housing 40 plus children. He also runs a dental clinic on site while his wife, Dr. Mary, helps with medical issues. His purpose for these children is that each will grow up loving the Lord and venture out into the mission field. In 2014, four of “his” orphans left the city and started their own churches in un-churched provinces.

• Pastors Paul Tabanao and Sihok Soeurn work independently in Phnom Penh ministering in the surrounding dumpsites/landfills. These dump sites are home to hundreds of kids who wan- der through the trash hoping to find items to sell to recyclers. These men deliver the Gospel, hold medical clinics, and give weekly baths and clean clothes to these impoverished children.

Prayer: To raise up more local missionaries; To expand into Vietnam; To secure more per- manent church homes; To increase financial support; To ensure the name of Jesus is heard in every providence

Engage: Sponsor a project; Offer encouragement and blessings through consistent email; Go on a short-term mission trip; Provide financial support

Contact: Nancy Patton / nancy@sanctuaryinhim.org / 678-654-3770




Camilo and Karla Garcia

“La Mission” is a ministry in the city of Santo Domingo that is the work of Camilo and Karla Garcia. They have devoted themselves to taking the message and love of God to the unchurched of the big city. They have started a church in the community of Manganaqua. This community is made up of a population of Hatian and Dominican people. The church slogan is “Walking with Jesus day by day, verse by verse” and they maintain a sound Biblical doctrine. By maintaining the approach of imper- fect people loved unconditionally by a perfect God, the church seeks to attract people from all walks of life in the D.R.

Although the church is still in development, to this date, the Garcias have been instrumental in over 230 professions of faith in Jesus and 20 baptisms. Their evangelistic work is carried out throughout Santo Domingo, as well as other towns in the Dominican Republic.

Currently, the Garcias are working on another church-plant in the barrio of Manganagua, where approximately 40 children of poor and dysfunctional families gather for Sunday school in the local public school. In addition, the Garcias continue to hold regular weekly Bible study groups throughout the city with special attention on youth and families.

A strong component of La Mision is the concept of helping local Christians become missionaries in their own country. This is achieved by constant training in discipleship programs, as well as community development programs in alliance with other organizations and missionaries.

Prayer: Pray for the ministries to be able to overcome the financial and social challenges in carrying the message of Christ and His love to the people. In addition, pray for more pastors and leaders to join in their mission and church planting efforts, and that God will show them where He wants them to plant next.

Engage: Please consider joining as part of a mission team to serve alongside our DR partners and churches. Visit www.facebook.com/lamision.sd
to learn more.

Contact: Hank Blake / hankblake@gmail.com




Rudy and Katie Gleason

Sanctuary’s own Rudy and Katie Gleason are the founders and directors of Because of Kennedy, a Christ-centered organization that partners with churches, NGOs, and orphanages in Ethiopia with the greatest needs. BOK works alongside churches in the US and Ethiopia, as well as with other non-government organizations (NGOs) to accomplish the following.

1. Serve orphans and vulnerable children by providing basic needs such as food, clean water, education, clothing, appropriate living conditions, and medical care.
2. Strive to empower guardians of orphans and vulnerable children living in their community with entrepreneurial and vocational training to become self-supportive, ultimately enabling them to provide for the basic needs and education for their family.
3. Provide Christian evangelism and discipleship, in partnership with Ethiopian churches, leading people in growing relationships with Jesus Christ.
4. Partner with US-based churches to provide discipleship opportunities for their congregation through global missions.

Prayer: We pray that these US-Ethiopia partnerships in the Gospel extend beyond the scope of BOK’s programs. That individual and corporate supporters develop deep, relational part- nerships that help shape and deepen ministry in these individuals, as well as their communities both in the US and in Ethiopia.

Engage: Along with our Family Sponsorship Program, our BoK partners are sending missionary teams to Ethiopia; support church construction activities, by building school classrooms and supporting school facility improvements; and provide salary support to nationals in ministry, as well as provide meals, cloth- ing, school supplies, and ministry teaching curriculums.

Contact:Rudy & Katie Gleason / rudy@becauseofkennedy.org / katie@becauseofkennedy.org



pilu family

 Pill and Hadasa Hadarean

Our partners in Sighisoara, Romania, Pastor Pilu and Hadasa Hadarean, minister through Manna church and Crown Child Placement.

Our Romania partners introduce people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and help them mature in a lifestyle that flows out of that relationship and reflects His character. Their purpose as a local church is to equip the saints and help them find their calling in God to make a difference in this world.

Their church body is unusual because it has members from many different ethnic backgrounds and social statuses mixing, worshipping, and serving together. Working in unity, they aim to show the love of God to their community, including the poor, the outcast, and the abandoned, as well as to those who don’t realize their need for the Lord in their lives.

“In a society segregated by economic status and ethnic prejudice, we exist as a church to reach our community with the only power that transforms lives: The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.”

Prayer: Wisdom to rightly balance the priorities and demands of their ministry. Unity of the spirit in cultural diversity; an area where they have been greatly challenged lately. Divine wisdom to help navigate during seasons of change.

Engage : Share Prayer lists regularly and celebrate victories.
• Come on a short-term mission trip.
• Help with specific projects: orphans ministry, housing for the homeless ministry, youth outreach, children outreach, food for the hungry, Christmas operation, leadership retreat, healthy families ministry, church building projects, etc.

Contact: Flaviu Ferche flaviuferche@gmail.com



picture mailer copy 2Curtis and Jeneane Cosby

Sanctuary members, Curtis and Jeneane Cosby, and their son Ethan, were called by God in 2015 to serve the people of Uganda through a ministry called Sixty Feet.  The goal of this ministry is to bring hope and restoration to the impoverished children of Africa in Jesus’ name.  Curtis and Jeneane began to feel God tugging their hearts toward Africa, and especially the children who are orphaned or imprisoned in what are called Remand Centers.

Curtis will be the social media coordinator for the ministry which will allow him to use his gifts and talents in audio, video, and various social media outlets to bring awareness for these children in need.  He and Jeneane both will also be working in the remand centers daily, serving the needs of the ministry and the kids.

You can learn more about Sixty Feet at www.sixtyfeet.org.

Prayer: For Curtis, Jeneane and Ethan to trust the Lord in their calling as they have stepped out in faith to become missionaries.  Pray for God to supply all of their needs, physically and spiritually, to be able to minister to the children of Uganda through the power of God and the Gospel of Jesus.  And for the hearts of the children and families to be receptive to the freedom found in Jesus.

Engage: The Cosby family is still in need of financial support to be able to stay in Uganda. Along with committed prayer, anyone willing and able to support them financially would be a blessing to them. To give online go to http://ow.ly/TEsnW.

Contact: Curtis or Jeneane at  cosbysinug@gmail.com