In addition to our Local and Global Outreach Partners we also have many people in our Faith Family who are actively involved in other outreach ministries.  Our desire at Sanctuary is to encourage and empower our members as much as possible to live out the mission God has given them.  In doing so, we like to support these ministries through prayer and financial giving as often as we can.  We also encourage other members in our body to join them in these ministries as they seek to proclaim the gospel around the world!
The following are just a few of the other ministries where the people of Sanctuary are committed to proclaiming the gospel.  Please feel free to contact them for more information on how you can join them as they seek to make disciples of all nations.

Culture Link
CULTURELink provides practical training and resources to enable churches, mission organizations, and corporations to impact others as they effectively serve in cross-cultural settings. Our mission trip leaders at Sanctuary are trained through this ministry led by Larry Ragan and his staff.
Contact: Larry Ragan

Fishing For Hope
Fishing For Hope (FFH) leads three mission teams to Brazil each year in July, August, and September. The purpose of these missions is evangelism. FFH uses eye clinics at local churches to help bring people to their ministry. In addition, the ministry makes visits to homes, schools, businesses, drug rehab centers, and other churches. The main focus of their eye clinics is to bring people to hear the Gospel presented by missionaries.  In the process, they meet a physical need of the people that attend the clinic. If able to provide correction, the eyeglasses are given to the participants.
Contact: Tim Johnson at 770-617-0296 or
Saving Susan
Saving Susan Ministry, a Christ-centered organization, is dedicated to reversing the effects of orphanage abandonment in countries whose borders have been closed to adoption. Saving Susan connects orphans in need with approved Parent Partners.  These Parents come alongside orphans to provide financial support, prayer, and a Christ-centered, loving relationship.The relationship is fostered using Skype, a unique approach in orphan care.  When an orphan and Parent Partner see each other face-to-face during consistent, online visits, their love and relationship can grow and deepen. This unconditional love will shed light on the unconditional love their Heavenly Father has for them.
Saving Susan meets the 2nd Monday of each month 12:30-1:30 at Sanctuary to pray for this ministry. We invite you to join for this hour of dedicated prayer time.
Contact: for more information.

The Leonard Family
The Leonard Family Justin, Elizabeth and their 3 kids felt the Lord call them to serve Him in a predominantly muslim land (for security purposes we are not sharing where exactly) where the Gospel of Jesus has never been heard. They did what very few families would do and sold all of their stuff and moved half way around the world to follow Him and spread His Good News. Pray for them as they are a light in a dark place and making His Great Name known.
Contact: Justin Leonard

Voice of the Martyrs
 Voice of the Martyrs is one of several non-profit, interdenominational, Christian organizations dedicated to assisting persecuted Christians throughout the world.  The mission of Voice of the Martyrs is to “serve the persecuted church through practical and spiritual assistance while leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with them.”
Prayerfully consider signing up for the Voice of the Martyrs Newsletter and learning more about the persecuted church by visiting  On this website, you can also find additional information about how to support and encourage your persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world.
Contact Ute Von Wietersheim at