Atlanta Dream Center Update Day 3

We just wanted to check in with y’all and let you know about our time here at the Dream Center. In the morning, we went to Columbus (Georgia not Ohio, just to clarify) and we had a HGTV demo day at the local church there. Some of us cleaned out each and every room, others shuttled trash to and from the dump, and others organized files and books. Afterwards we headed back to the Dream Center and spent the hour and a half drive singing songs and conforming our team to like country music (where the green grass grows @troy). Once we returned, we started a precious time together called Words of Life where we poured into each of our team members by reading scripture over them and encouraging them. Soon after, we began Princess Night. Those of us who are too young to come with, played a huge role in sending us off with prayers. Others brought roses and cards to hand out to primarily women but also a few men along the streets of Atlanta. We wanted to encourage them by reminding them of their beauty and God’s love for them. We stood in a posture of prayer, letting the spirit wash over us for the time being. We returned to the Dream Center and joined the others and debriefed about our night and took time to just be in each other’s company. By that time, it was to hit the sack and prepare to the day ahead of us. We thank you for continuing to pray over us while we are just down the street but in a completely different world. We love and miss you big time.