Peru Team Update Day 1

By July 8, 2019 Mission Trips, Peru

Hey everyone!So we arrived in Cusco safely and everyone is pretty much exhausted from all the traveling. We rested for about 2 hours once we got to the hotel then headed down to the church for a wonderful homemade lunch. After that we waited for the Peru vs. Brazil game to start (it was the Americas cup finals). Sadly they lost but it was a very good game. The day ended with some dinner and beautiful time of worship and fellowship before we headed back to the hotel. We are all continuously chugging water and eating enough to keep our energy levels as up as possible. But after all that we are ready to head off to sleep to prepare for a full day of serving! Thank you all for the prayers and we will keep you posted at the end of each day. Love you all so much!
-Andrew Brooks

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