Peru Team Update Day 2

By July 10, 2019 Mission Trips, Peru

Heyyyyyy parents and loved ones,
This update is from vbs day 1 people which is Andrew, Kennedie, and Madelyn. Today was an amazing day! We started off by splitting into three different groups for morning ministries. I (madelyn) went to the market and had the opportunity to talk to many different people including one women with difficult health problems. We were able to pray and place our hands on her which was very powerful. It was a great way to focus and recenter with God. Today I ( Kennedie) got to do door to door evangelism.  I saw a wild horse in the street while I was talking to people in the streets. We got to pray over many people from many different backgrounds. It was so fulfilling. Later in the day, we hosted a VBS fiesta. The kids (along with the team :)) LOVED the bubbles, face paint, and dancing.  We had so much fun!!!!!! After we ate a very yummy dinner, we made our way to Cusco city central. It was beautiful! I (Kennedie) saw alpacas yay! Now we are back in the hotel sipping on coca tea and preparing for another amazing dayyyy. We want to apologize for misspellings or grammatical errors you are getting from high school graduates but we are pretty tired. 
P.s Andrew is sitting next to us with a disapproving face lol
With love,Vbs day 1 Madelyn, Kennedie, and Andrew