1 Corinthians 1.1-1.3

By August 11, 2019 August 13th, 2019 Corinthians
1. Today, what does sanctification look like in your living, in your being, in your loving? 
2. What is your set apart purpose and are you hindered in living fully and freely in that purpose?
3. You are called a saint the moment you believe in the living sacrifice of Jesus for you. Explain the freedom and the challenges as you address yourself as a saint. 
4. You are called a holy people, set apart, a saint in your neighborhood, your office, the community, the schools, the teams you are on. No person or place or neighborhood is by mistake and God’s plan will prevail in you and through you. What space in your life is most challenging for you to live at rest in this truth? 
5. We were challenged and encouraged to view life, family, coworkers, neighbors – all people and spaces in your life through the lenses of the Gospel. Where are you celebrating seeing life through the Gospel? Where are you not seeing life through the Gospel?
6.  Read Acts 18:1-11  Paul had become frustrated and discouraged by the response of people and chooses to travel on his own. Where in Pauls discouragement do you see yourself growing discouraged while living with others? How do you respond? How are “saints” called to respond?
7. The message of the Gospel is grace and peace. How are you living in His grace today and experiencing His peace? Where are you not?
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