July 12 Discussion Questions – Flourishing: Life in the Spirit – Goodness

By July 12, 2020Flourishing

Read Matthew 5-7. Where do you find yourself most personally in this text? Where are you most encouraged? What challenges you most deeply in the text?

As we regather, where do you sense a desire for deeper connection to others and to God? As we re-center, where do you sense drift? How might our Faith Family help you anchor in the center of Christ’s life and love?

The fruit of the Spirit includes the “goodness” of Christ. In your own words, describe the quality of goodness Jesus possesses? How did Jesus express goodness during His earthly ministry? How do you experience His goodness being expressed toward you today?

How has Jesus already made you “good”? When and where do you most doubt that you are “good”? What is one area where you desire to grow in His goodness?

Spend a few moments reflecting on the life of the disciples after hearing the Sermon on the Mount. What do you think changed in them after hearing this truth? How would their life look differently, how would they begin to love differently? As you reflect on the words of Jesus, what’s one way you sense an invitation to change and grow? Trust Him to work in that space giving Him praise in advance for His faithfulness to you.

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