COVID-19:00 Prayer Initiative

A Note From Craig Bowler

“In this crazy and chaotic time, I feel compelled for Sanctuary to take up the banner here and pray. The Church in Singapore began this COVID – 19:00 initiative when the virus hit their country. They called on the Church to pray daily. I’d like to call on our church and the Church to pray. To pray for those affected, those who are lonely, those who are afraid, those who are serving, first responders etc.

So at 19:00 (7:00 p.m.) let’s pray daily in our homes and then walk through our neighborhood praying for our neighbors and the nations. Let’s begin tonight.

This morning I’ve been talking/texting/emailing with friends all over the country and as far as England and Australia and Kenya. As of this writing we are going to be joined in this daily prayer time by churches in Washington, California, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, and all across our neighborhood and state. We are also going to be joined by ministries including IHOP, The Salvation Army, Christian Leadership Concepts, Young Life, and a handful of others.

This is the time for the Church to lead the way. Let’s lead and love.”