DMD is a 52-week study written by Craig Bowler and is intentionally designed to continue the process of becoming more like Jesus with other like minded men.  DMD Groups usually consist of about 8 – 12 in a group, and typically meet once a week. Once the groups are formed, they remain closed for the purpose of diving deeper in relationship and trust through the study together.
We believe that by intentionally investing in a group like DMD, you are allowing God to transform spaces and places in your life that He wants to be at work in, and at the same time use you to bless and impact the lives of others in your group.  Ask anyone who has been part of a DMD group, and they will tell you just how impactful it is…better yet, ask their spouses!


Jesus came to bring a new Kingdom to earth, just as it is in Heaven. His initial invitation to His disciples was “come, follow me”. His desire was for His disciples to become like Him, literally to re-present Him to a lost and dying world. DMD is created to equip Sanctuary disciples to live calling out in their everyday lives.  It also provides a Biblical foundation to nourish and cultivate life as a disciple of Christ in a relational context.


In this study you will be invited to be present and fully engage with your group members. It’s a high-level commitment, designed for you to be both challenged and encouraged. You’ll be expected to:

  • Be willing to pursue and live out Biblical directives and implications.
  • Pursue genuine “koinonia” (deeper communion with God and man).
  • Become an advocate for other’s marriages and families.
  • Commit to completing homework and participating fully in weekly studies.
  • Refuse to settle for passivity.
  • Build your calendar around weekly studies.

You’ll also be challenged to participate in one overnight retreat, social gatherings with spouses, and lunch/ coffee meetings designed to deepen and strengthen individual relationships.

If you are interested in joining a DMD Group when one becomes available.


If you are registering for a new DMD group being formed. The cost is $30 for materials.