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Sanctuary’s short-term mission teams work directly with our ministry partners in order to expand the Kingdom of God in the countries and cities in which they are working.

Our desire is to keep you connected to our Global Mission Trip teams and Global Partners as they are being the hands and feet of Jesus and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to people around the World.

Bolivia Mission Trip Update 4

By Bolivia

Greetings Sanctuary Family,
After a day of travel on Thursday we have returned safely to the city. Today we have spent the day preparing for our departure tomorrow morning back to Atlanta.  We have had an amazing week walking alongside our precious partners here in Bolivia.  We had grave concerns today as we learned fire trucks arrived back at the Property & the fires had become dangerously close to where we had just been yesterday.  Our prayers have been heard and everyone & everything is safe this evening.  Please continue to pray for our safe travels as we depart & safety, provision & protection over the ones we leave behind.

Bolivia Mission Trip Update 3

By Bolivia

Greetings All,
Sorry for the time lost, we have been busy visiting several homes and 4 rural churches. Visiting these churches/camps and working with our Bolivian partners has been so invigorating and inspirational. They are so hungry for God’s word and so attentive. We have also spent time building and adding onto the Learning Center.

From Chris Fair: We had some great days on the property working on the roof structure, drilling holes and bolting the metal frame work together that will be used for the roof for the house at the learning center.  It is so comforting to be able to further invest and grow the precious relationships we have developed with our Bolivian brothers. Please continue sending awesome prayers.

Bolivia Mission Trip Update 2

By Bolivia

Dear Sanctuary Faith Family,

We started this weekend investing in prayers with our partners Dan and Jenny, followed by a sumptuous lunch with Family members. The afternoon was spent unpacking and preparing children’s goodie bags before heading off to our first Church service in the outskirts of Santa Cruz. The team actively participated in hosting a children’s ministry bible study with activities which brought many smiles on these children who were extremely responsive. The ladies on this team conducted a women’s ministry session to an enthusiastic group of women which culminated in games and much laughter. Dinner at church soon followed before calling it a night. God’s presence was strongly felt by the team. 

We awoke early and attended Sunday service at Cesar’s church. Oh what joy to see and feel the passion for God from this warm congregation and it’s joyful singing. Watching the children listen actively to the ladies conducting Sunday school was ‘priceless’ in their humble surroundings. 

Please continue praying for God’s grace, wisdom and protection for this team, we can feel all your prayers/blessings as we continue to reach out in pursuit of God’s plan for this trip. 

Bolivia Mission Trip Update 1

By Bolivia

Greetings from Bolivia!

The team arrived safely early morning of the 30th. We had the “fastest time” through the passport and customs lines. Imagine 12 large pieces of luggage, 12 carryons and 12 backpacks all through customs in 10 minutes. It’s a God thing. 

Our gracious hosts Dan and Jenny were anxiously waiting for us and brought us to staging Base Bolivia. 
The team is tired, well fed, upbeat and ready for our mission. 

Departure from Atlanta
Arrival in Santa Cruz

Cambodia Saving Susan Mission Trip Update 5

By Cambodia, Mission Trips

As we return to from Cambodia, back to our lives and I reflect on my time there, the word Suffering comes to mind. It’s easy to think that the people of Cambodia, or any third world country for that matter, are suffering because of unclean drinking water, or food sanitation, or any other commonality of a 3rd world country. It is hard to cope with, but it’s just normal for the people there. The fact is, their suffering is much like everyone of us. Their stories will impact you, not because they are so different, but because they are more alike than you could imagine. When they break down in tears, it’s not about dirty water, but it’s because their parents force them to pray to the temple when they do not believe in it, it’s because their family abandoned them when they were a baby, it’s because a daughter lost a mother in a moto accident. It’s because they were molested as kids, or beaten, or it’s because a father went to prison. I have learned that while their living conditions are in stark contrast to mine, our suffering is not so different. We suffer not for punishment, but so that we can tell our story. So that we can become the human being we were destined to be, and when that other lost soul, who has a story just like you, sees your light, they will know that Gods grace will cover them as well.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story. No matter how bad you think it is. No matter the shame or regret you may feel for your actions. You have a story for a reason, someone else needs to hear that exact story, because they went through the same thing.

Much love and thanks to everyone who supported and prayed for my wife and I on this trip, we are forever grateful!

Darren Zelgewicz
Genesis Elevator Company

Cambodia Saving Susan Mission Trip Update 4

By Cambodia, Mission Trips

“Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray.” 1 John 3:7.

What an amazing trip and journey with Saving Susan, and the people of Sanctuary Church, to Cambodia. I have shared my life with people I barely knew from Sanctuary. I have shared my soul with all of them on this trip and I feel as if I have made many new friends. I have also grown to love the orphans of Cambodia even more. I have grown closer to my 6 parent partner children on this trip. I have also grown to love these girls as I have always loved my own 2 biological children, Heather and Kristi. These girls from Bileg in Kampong Thom have captured my heart as a Father. I love these girls as if they were my own blood. I remember the laboring as a father many years ago, as I prayed and thought how I hoped my girls would be as adults. It took many prayers and tears to see my girls grow up to be well balanced Jesus-loving women of God. This is the love I have for the young girls of Bileg. I love Mei-Mei, Srey Leak, Srey Near, Mercy and Savonne. I will make sure , with all that is in me, that they grow to love and follow Jesus as my own girls have done. Their papa loves them and I will pray and lead them as I have led my own. These beautiful girls are my family. I love you girls with all my heart. DAD!!!

David Delk

Cambodia Saving Susan Mission Trip Update 3

By Cambodia, Mission Trips

Immeasurably more. That’s a term that is used a lot around Saving Susan Ministry. One that I didn’t really understand until today.

Day #5 of the trip was the last day we spent at Bileg Solid Rock. We woke up early this morning and watched our kids graduate! We had 3 girls graduate from high school: Srey Leak, Mei – Mei, and Sreypov. Srey Leak and Mei – Mei’s Papa David was blessed to be able to give the commencement speech, while I (Kristi) and Carly Beber got the chance to sing in the ceremony! Sreypov’s Momma Doreen was able to be there as well.

After graduation we spent as much time with the kids as possible. We went to “The Dam” to cool off and the kids loved it. We did too, because it is hot, hot, hot here! After that we took the kids to the “Spicy Noodle” and had dinner. The spice level for the noodles goes from 0-7, 7 being the hottest. Most of us Americans got a 0, with a couple brave 1’s & 2’s, but our resident Cambodian-American, Samuel hung with the natives and got a 7! After dinner we headed back to Bileg to give the kids all a special Saving Susan Ministry t-shirt with their name on the back and said our good-byes. This is always the worst part. The time wasn’t long enough and the tears were evidence of the love.


Here’s why I say I now understand what God means when he tells us in Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him to is able to give immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine.” As we we’re saying our goodbyes, Mei – Mei tells me that growing up with only brothers, she always wanted a sister. Boys don’t know about girl stuff or how to help her, but now she is grateful she has sister to talk to. I’ve spent 3 days with this girl and I already feel as close to her as I do my biological sister back home. This is what God has created us for. To care for the widows and the orphans, and to bring them into our families. He gives us something more than we can imagine when we least expect it. A relationship I’d never fathom and one that I will cherish until we’re together in eternity. Good-byes are tough, but they’re not forever.

That’s all for now, but there is much more to come.
Kristi Laughlin
SSM Ministry Coordinator

Cambodia Saving Susan Mission Trip Update 2

By Cambodia, Mission Trips

We are happy to report that days number three and four have been very productive for the August Sanctuary/Saving Susan Ministry team!  Monday morning we left Phnom Penh and headed for Kampong Thom Province, where Bileg Orphanage and Solid Rock Christian School are located.  Upon arrival we had a joyous reunion with the 18 orphans who are “Parent Partnered” by Saving Susan Ministry—some of whom met their parent partners in person for the very first time.  The team got a tour of the entire complex, which includes the orphanage and school, as well as Solid Rock Baptist Church and Solid Rock hospital.  Dr. Felipe Castro has developed all four institutions over the course of a quarter-century…as the result of a vision God gave him in 1993, and the ongoing provision for it.  Dr. Jack Baskin befriended Dr. Castro and much of the work Western Hills Baptist Church has done in Cambodia stemmed from their shared belief in bringing the truth of Christ to this 95% Buddhist country.

Tuesday we participated in a baseball camp which included a total of 40 budding players of all ages (with several Bileg orphans in the mix!).  Cambodian government officials have executed a plan to bring the sport of baseball to the country.  Christian organizations like Saving Susan Ministry are partnering in the effort, with the express understanding that baseball can be used as a forum to share the gospel.  The baseball clinic today was opened and closed in prayer, and at the end of several exciting innings a gospel presentation and invitation to accept Christ was conducted by David Delk of Sanctuary Church.

In the afternoon we enjoyed fellowship and fun with the orphans of Bileg, building important relationships in the  process.  The day was capped off by a delicious meal prepared by team member Chris Gatti with the help of Bileg staffers.  Chris prepared dinner for over 60 people, using giant woks heated over burning wood.

Wednesday we will participate in graduation ceremonies in the morning at Solid Rock Christian School, including three Saving Susan Ministry-supported seniors who will headed to college in the fall.  David Delk will deliver the keynote address at the ceremony, encouraging all the graduates to continue as ambassadors of Christ in all they do from tomorrow forward.

Please continue to keep our team in your prayers, specifically that what we are doing will be a powerful witness for our Lord Jesus and that we can be obedient to the command to spread His word at every turn.

-Stu Gordon

Cambodia Saving Susan Mission Trip Update Day 1

By Cambodia, Mission Trips

Hello Saving Susan and Sanctuary Church communities! It’s Sunday evening in Cambodia and our team of 15 just finished a couple of tiring but incredible days. Our flight left Friday morning and, praise God, everything went smoothly and we arrived on time after about 24 hours of travel. Jay and I haven’t lost anyone yet.

After getting to our hotel in Phnom Penh late last night, we started this morning with a team breakfast and then headed to the Killing Fields. This was my first time going, and the first for several of our team members. It was a sobering reminder of the tragic past of the Khmer people and will help us understand them more deeply as we connect with them. Seeing the gravesites, Killing Tree, skulls, and other grim reminders made the impact much more tangible. Knowing that one quarter of the population was killed in this genocide is sobering, but seeing and hearing about it at this killing camp really struck home. What a powerful reminder of the depravity of our human nature.

After experiencing that dark end of the spectrum, we drove to Pastor Sihok’s church and experienced the other end of the spectrum. What a breath of fresh air to see the light of Christ in his church! The congregation was so welcoming. We sang worship songs, heard a moving testimony from a young lady in the congregation, recited scripture, and received a message from Sanctuary Church’s David Delk, who spoke on living out Christ’s calling to share the good news with others. It was amazing to see how God is at work in Cambodia in churches like this. The country is 95% Buddhist and the people are so thirsty for the gospel.

We ended our day with dinner with the Sihok family and two of the students that Saving Susan Ministry funds in college, Pov (shown in photo with me) and Sona. These two young men are going through intensive studies as they attend medical school. They are amazing young men of God and are making an impact where they are now. It was wonderful to encourage them and the Sihok family while breaking bread together.

Tomorrow we drive to Bileg in Kampong Thom to see our orphan children! Please keep our team in your continued prayers.

God bless,

Adam Reiley