Starting from $3,696, your all inclusive price includes: guided sightseeing, roundtrip airfare, daily breakfast buffet and dinner, deluxe motor coaches and first class hotels.

Your Bible will come alive, from black letters on white pages to full-color images indelibly etched in your mind and on your heart. Walk where Jesus walked! Explore ancient-ruins. Swim in the Dead Sea. Wade into the waters of baptism in the Jordan River. Worship on the Sea of Galilee and at the Garden Tomb (spoiler alert: it’s still empty).
Bask in the sights, sounds and aromas of present day Israel; modern sophistication blended with ancient tradition, skyscrapers against ancient walls, fashionable shopping malls within the steps of the shut (middle-easter open-air market), bustling freeways and cobblestone streets with donkey carts.
Sanctuary is parting with Educational Opportunities to bring our members and their families this amazing opportunity to tour Israel. Our goal is to connect you with both the Israel of the Bible and the Israel of today and deepen your faith as you continue to live and love like Jesus.

Registration information
ID# 58137
Tour: HL19
Dates: 6/4/19
Code: A