It’s Time for a Holy Discontent

By December 16, 2018 Not Yet Christmas

1. How do you find yourself swinging between generosity and discontentment this Christmas season?

2.Read Jeremiah 33:14-16.  How does these verses encourage you today?

3. In what circumstances in your life have you waiting for the “days that are coming” found in Jeremiah 33:14?

4.What is challenging for you as you live in the space of the “already, but not yet” today?

5.How does Jeremiah 33:16 encourage you by reminding you that it is God who saves and provides?

6. Is your life marked by contentment in places where God desires for you to have a holy discontent? How so?

7.How does remembering the bad news of Christmas, help you to marvel at the good news of Christ’s birth?

8. Do you find yourself settling for the facts of Christmas, or letting the earth-shattering reality of the Christmas invasion birth in you a holy discontent that causes you to fall more in love with your Savior?

9. Does your relationship with God resemble a search for the bones of the past, or a longing to understand and know a God who is living today?

10. Reflect on Psalm 63:1-8.  How does the longing of the Psalmist encourage and challenge you today?

11. Pray that God would give you a holy discontent this year