Supported Ministries

In addition to our Local and Global Outreach Partners, we also have many people in our Faith Family who are actively involved in other outreach ministries.  Our desire at Sanctuary is to encourage and empower our members as much as possible to live out the mission God has given them.  In doing so, we like to support these ministries through prayer and financial giving as often as we can.  We also encourage other members in our body to join them in these ministries as they seek to proclaim the gospel around the world!

Crisis Care & Disaster Relief


The mission of Blue Skies is to bring the hope of Christ to families living through the challenges of childhood cancer during weeklong beach retreats. Each retreat invites twelve families to enjoy a vacation together at no expense to them.



Fishing for Hope (FFH) leads three mission teams to Brazil each year in July, August, and September. FFH uses eye clinics at local churches to help bring people to their ministry and share the Gospel of Christ. In addition, the ministry makes visits to homes, schools businesses, drug rehab centers, and other churches.


Orphans & Widows


Because of Kennedy exists to care for orphans and vulnerable families by meeting their basic needs, while leading them in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. All current projects serve orphans and vulnerable families in Ethiopia.



Saving Susan Ministry, a Christ- centered organization, is dedicated to reversing the effects of orphanage abandonment in countries whose borders have been closed to adoption. Saving Susan connects orphans in need with approved Parent Partners. These Parents come alongside orphans to provide financial support, prayer, and a Christ-centered, loving relationships.


Impoverished, Exploited, & Persecuted


Sunrise Ministries exists to serve the kingdom of God by offering freedom from the trap of life’s addictions caused by a past of severe suffering. Freedom comes through a Christ-centered approach that pairs each person with a lifelong shepherd to lead them through five areas of healing.