Titus chapter 2 shows us a Biblical model of what it looks like to grow in maturity as a follower of Jesus and be intentional about advocating growth and maturity in one another. It charges older men and women to grow in maturity and character and intentionally teach and invest in those who are younger in age or spiritual maturity. In this chapter, Paul is reinforcing the importance of this to Titus and the church at Crete and models how it should be lived out in the church body.

We want this to be true about us at Sanctuary and The T2 Life is designed specifically for that! T2 is not a program of the church but a vision to instill an advocate (mentoring) culture at Sanctuary that is part of disciples making disciples in every aspect of ministry at our church.

Our desire is that every older, mature follower of Christ is intentionally investing in and advocating for the younger, and the younger is eagerly raising their hand desiring to be advocated for.

We invite you to join us for T2. Our hope is at the end of the 4 weeks you will be ready to be an advocate, and be advocated for!

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Our Vision for T2

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