Transformation through the Gospel

Sanctuary’s purpose is to glorify God by building an authentic body of Christ followers who are faithfully proclaiming the gospel and being transformed by its power to live and love like Jesus.


Core values are the foundational tenets that intentionally guide the decisions and direction at Sanctuary. Our core values are based on biblical convictions and a commitment to valuing what God values. Scripture informs our philosophy of ministry, our leadership principles and structure, our collective priorities, and our actions with everyone we encounter.

These biblically-based core values shape our vision and purpose of ministry. Where the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) defines the mission of The Church and is solid, unchanging, and steadfast, our vision reflects our growing understanding of God’s specific purpose for Sanctuary. It describes our aspirations and the desired outcomes of living out these values.

Sanctuary’s Purpose

Sanctuary’s Values & Vision