1. Read John 3.16. What does this verse mean to you?
2. Do you believe you were created “in love, for love?”
3. How do you see Generous Orthodoxy at work in John 3.16?
4. How do you see Love as Orthodoxy? How does God express His Generosity in Orthodoxy?
5. What’s been the greatest challenge in this Generous Orthodoxy study? What’s been the biggest breakthrough?
6. Read Romans 5.8-11. Where do you see generosity and orthodoxy collide? What does it mean to you that are saved through His life?
7. In your own words describe the “gift” of salvation.
8. In your own words describe reconciliation with God.
9. When you think about eternal life, what do you think about?
10. How does eternal life begin today?
11. Read and reflect on 1 John 3.16. How is God inviting you to lay down your life as He laid down His life? What does that actually look like for you? Explain.
12. How God might be calling you to further lay down your life for others?
13. Today we celebrate by giving and receiving. Describe your journey with giving. Describe your journey with receiving.
14. How are you praying for our Faith Family as we seek to follow Jesus one step at a time?

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