Four years ago, God initiated a new movement in West Cobb soon to be called Sanctuary. As God was forming us, He gave us a clear purpose as a church.

Sanctuary’s purpose is to glorify God by building an authentic body of Christ followers who are faithfully proclaiming the Gospel and being transformed by its power to live and love like Jesus.

Where the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) defines the mission of The Church and is solid, unchanging and steadfast, our purpose reflects our growing understanding of God’s specific call for Sanctuary. Our purpose gives definition to our aspirations and the desired outcomes of living out our calling.

Our purpose hasn’t changed. Four years later, we are more convinced than ever in God’s specific purpose for our church. As You Go is designed to deepen and widen our understanding of God’s call. Our desire is that this study will challenge you to live out His purpose in your individual daily life as well as in the corporate life of our church.   Join us as we go!

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