We are Committed to Journey Together


Caring for one another is one the most important things we can do as the Church. We always want to know about the needs and hurts of our Faith Family so that we can be praying for you and come alongside you.


Our Care Team is here to help through confidential prayer, compassionate care, and resourceful connection for the emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial needs of those at Sanctuary and in our community. No need is too small or too big. Click HERE to learn more about how the Sanctuary Faith Family can care for you.


One of the greatest honors we have as a Church is to pray for those in our faith family. Our prayer team is always available to pray and come alongside you through your current journey.


Our Stephen Ministers are equipped to walk alongside, care for, listen and pray daily for individuals who are facing crises. They strive to worship God always in word and deed, and maintain complete confidentiality with their care receivers.


a series of sessions and support group for people who are going through separation or divorce. Led by people who understand what you are experiencing.

Feel led to lend your gifts to the Care Team through serving?