What’s New with Construction?

The steel frame for second floor and the building expansion will be completed in July.
Half of the concrete has been poured for the second floor and remaining concrete will be poured soon.
Two back walls in the auditorium have been taken down and rebuilt.
The next steps will be to put the roof on the expansion and begin work on enclosing the building by putting on the external siding.
Financial Update (as of 6/30/20):

Estimated Cost of Rear Building Expansion-$3,000,000
Construction Costs Paid to Date$645,097
Seed Offering Account Balance$537,566
Remaining Seed Offering Commitments$565,511
Estimated Savings & Additional Seed Offerings$400,000
Estimated Need to Complete Expansion-$851,826

We are celebrating that a total of $1,628,964 has been donated to the Seed Offering. Thank you for your continued generosity!