What’s New with Construction?

Construction Photos

We are excited to say that the exterior of the facility expansion is now complete! Window, doors, and roof are all in place and the landscaping has been completed around the back of the building as well. Now, we turn our attention to finishing the inside of the building so it can begin being used for ministry.

As we begin 2021, construction is continuing with the installation of ductwork and the sprinkler system.  We are praying that God would provide $700,000 this year so we can begin utilizing portions of the expansion. We are expectant of how God is going to provide as we complete this new space and begin using it for ministry! We invite you to join us in this exciting expansion by donating to the Seed Offering Fund.
Financial Update (as of 12/31/20):

Estimated Cost of Rear Building Expansion-$3,000,000
Construction Costs Paid to Date$1,510,287
Seed Offering Account Balance$138,359
Remaining Seed Offering Commitments$297,508
Estimated Savings & Additional Seed Offerings$400,000
Estimated Need to Complete Expansion-$653,846

We are celebrating that a total of $2,071,777 has been donated to the Seed Offering. Thank you for your continued generosity!